101 is a prime number from 101-200. 101 has 2 factors, 1 and 101. It is said to be a number wherein you use it for teaching, e.g. Prime Numbers 101. It is the 26th prime number, and the first prime number from 101-200. 


  • Yes — 101 can be divided by 1.
  • No — 101 cannot be divided by 2-100.
  • Yes — 101 can be divided by 101.

As an Exponent of Mersenne NumberEdit

2101 - 1 is divisible by 7,432,339,208,719, and is therefore not a prime number.

Relationship with other odd numbersEdit

The numbers beforeEdit

  • The previous prime number is 97.
    • 97 and 101 are four numbers apart; therefore, they are cousin primes.
  • The previous prime number before 97 is 89.

The numbers afterEdit

  • The next odd number, 103, is a prime number.
    • There are no odd numbers between 101 and 103. As a result, they are twin primes.
  • 107 is the next prime number after 103.
    • 101 and 107 are six numbers apart; therefore, they are sexy primes.

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