479 is a prime number from 401-500. 479 has 2 factors, 1 and 479. It is the 92nd prime number, and the fourteenth prime number from 401-500.


  • Yes — 479 can be divided by 1.
  • {{Divisibility number|No|2-478.}
  • {{Divisibility number|Yes|479.}

Relationship with other odd numbersEdit

The numbers beforeEdit

  • The previous prime number is 467.
    • The prime gap is twelve numbers long. 469 is divisible by 7, while 473 is divisible by 11. Both numbers are composite.
  • The previous prime number before 467 is 463.

The numbers afterEdit

  • The next prime number is 487.
    • 481 is a composite number; it is the product of 13 and 37.
  • 491 is the next prime number after 487.


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