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Heyo everyone!

Here is the next checkpoint everyone! Everyone can work on these questions together - and points will be distributed out!

This blog post will be removed after the checkpoint is completed on September 10th. But you must SHOW YOUR WORK to get full credit.

1a) Convert 0.016 MW to nW. Please express your answer in scientific notation.

1b) How many ergs are in one microjoule?

2. Three teaspoons are a tablespoon. Two tablespoons are one fluid ounce (a fluid ounce is a unit of volume, not weight), and eight fluid ounces is a cup. There are two cups in a pint, two pints in a quart, and four quarts in a gallon. There are 3.785 liters in a gallon, so a liter is just a little bit bigger than a quart. This all happens to be pretty convenient to memorize for cooking!

2a) You are imprisoned by an angry wizard, who gives you a teaspoon and demands that you use it to empty the Pacific Ocean into a bottomless pit. The Pacific Ocean has a volume of about 6.5 X 108 km3. Express this volume in teaspoons in scientific notation.

2b) Magically, you seem to have no need for food or sleep. If you can average one teaspoon every two seconds and work unceasingly, how many years will it take you? Ignore realistic issues like rainfall or the fact that other oceans would drain into the Pacific Ocean once it was partially emptied.

3a) Describe the resultant vector in part 2a. By describing, I mean by labeling components, or magnitude with direction.

3b) Describe the resultant vector in part 2b. By describing, I mean by labeling components, or magnitude with direction.

4. A eukaryotic cell is approximately a sphere with diameter 20 microns. What is its volume in Å3, expressing your answer in scientific notation?

5. Define vector A as <45,468,132>. Define vector B as <-456,-975,-33>. Define vector C as <-43,-467,-136>. Define vector D as <-453,-977,-38>. Vector E is pointing into the computer screen 4 centimeters long. What is the angle in degrees between the vectors A+C and BD?

6. For every user, type the first number that pops into your head when you see this question.

7. Spoonstinkle is a very fast runner whose fastest 1-mile time is 4:30 (actually, did you know that 3primetime3 knows a friend that runs a mile faster?). Today, he begins a weekend workout in preparation for the marathon coming up in about six months. Starting from Forkstickle High School, he runs 2.6 miles east to the nearest park, known as Knifestirkle. This took him 13 minutes. Instead of running at the park, Spoonstinkle decides to turn left and run another 7 miles to his favorite restaurant, named Napkinstilts. It took him 32 minutes to run to the restaurant from the park and exactly an hour to eat/digest (because running is not good with a full stomach). Because he became lazy, he decided not to go further and took a straight 7.46 mile diagonal from the restaurant back to Forkstickle High where he started is This took him 47 minutes to run. What is his displacement?


1. Blueeighthnote: 13833 points (2 achvmt pkgs) - One more to get the next lucky prime badge!

2. Minipop56: 12156 points - Four more to get the next lucky prime badge!

3. TimBluesWin: 755 points (1 achvmt pkg)

4. Imamadmad: 745 points (1 achvmt pkg)

5. Julianthewiki: 525 points (1 achvmt pkg) - RETIRED

6. Dalek-James: 378 points

7. Wikia Contributor 69.235...: 230 points (1 achvmt pkg)

8. Lefty7788: 300 points - One more to get the next lucky prime badge!

9. Supermario3459: 145 points (1 achvmt pkg)

10. ZombieBird4000: 50 points (1 achvmt pkg)

11. Wildoneshelper: 40 points (1 achvmt pkg)

12. Emmaelise401: 50 points

13. CalzoneManiac: 30 points

14. 21qmcgagin: 20 points

15. Kyodaisuu: 21 points

16. Googleaarex: 10 points

Previous Solution



Skillz Badges!

Usually awarded for having skills to solving hard questions, etc.

1. Quick Thinker! (+10 points) - Awarded for posting an answer before I write "Please leave your answers here." FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE

2. RARE: Leaderboards Expert! (+300 points) - Awarded for being 1st place on the leaderboards for 30+ days. FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE

3. RARE: More than a Millenium! (+100 points) - Awarded for being first in the leaderboards and scoring more than 1000 points from the runner-up. FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE

4. Questions in a question (+20 points)? Awarded for finding three ambiguities in a single question. EARNED BY IMAMADMAD

Earth Badges

Most rare ones are found here.

1. RARE: Top Ten (+30 points) - Awarded for being the first top 10 people ONLY to participate on the question of the day! EARNED BY THE FIRST 10 PARTICIPATING PEOPLE

2. RARE: Cyclone Centurion! (+250 points) - Awarded for scoring at least 10000 points in the QOTD system! FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE.

Sun Badges

All epic ones are found here.

1. EPIC: Lucky Primer (+100 points): Congratulations! You have guessed the lucky prime correctly. Get the Lucky Prime two more times to earn the next achievement! FIRST FOUNDED BY JULIANTHEWIKI.

2. EPIC: Very Lucky Primer (+200 points): Congratulations! You have guessed the lucky prime correctly two more times. Get the Lucky Prime three more times to earn the next achievement! FIRST FOUNDED BY MINIPOP56 AND BLUEEIGHTHNOTE.

3. REALLLLY LUCKY PRIMER (+300 points): Congratulations! You have guessed the lucky prime correctly three more times. Get the Lucky Prime four more times to earn the next achievement! FIRST FOUNDED BY MINIPOP56.

Galaxy Badges

Mysterious badges from a far-out universe. Each one found here is worth 10000+ points and/or 5+ achievement packages.


Uniqueness Badges

Unique things one can do in the answers section. ONLY ONE PERSON CAN EARN EACH BADGE.

1. Analyzer! (+10 points) - Awarded for drawing a diagram. FOUNDED BY IMAMADMAD

2. Inspiration! (+5 points) - A question was dedicated to you! FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE

Trustworthiness Badges

Awarded by how much I trust someone on this wiki. Please do not ask me about these badges.

1. Reliability (+100 points) - Trusted to write a question of a day. FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE, AND IMAMADMAD

2. Scoreboard Tinkerer (+100 points) - Trusted to change the scoreboards. FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE AND JULIANTHEWIKI

3. Prime Staff (+100 points) - Become a chat moderator, rollbacker, sysop, or bureaucrat on this wikia! FIRST FOUNDED BY BLUEEIGHTHNOTE, JULIANTHEWIKI, TIMBLUESWIN, IMAMADMAD, SUPERMARIO3459, MINIPOP56, AND DALEK-JAMES

Duration Badges


1. 4-Leaf Clover! (+100 points) - Awarded for participating on the Question of the Day everyday during the month of March! FIRST FOUNDED BY MINIPOP56.

2. April Fools! (+100 points) - Awarded for participating on the Question of the Day everyday during the month of April! FIRST FOUNDED BY MINIPOP56.

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