Hey guys,

Julianthewiki:  I am kind of disappointed that you have updated the blog post a little too late.  I thought I asked you to update it yesterday.  Maybe you were busy.  Also, do  not show any proof of how you got your answer.  This will ruin it for everyone else.  It's okay.  Everyone makes mistakes.  No hard feelings.

The Question of the Day - 15 points

How much dirt is there in a cylindrical hole measuring r=10 cm and h=7 cm?  Use 22/7 as an approximation for pi.

Difficulty - Considerably easy

Previous Answer

As Julianthewiki stated, the answer to yesterday's question is 3.


1.  Blueeighthnote: 1095 points - Nice Work!

2.  TimBluesWin:  520 points - Nice Work!

3.  Julianthewiki: 65 points

4.  Imamadmad: 35 points

5.  Supermario3459: 15 points

6.  Wildoneshelper: 10 points

6.  Zombiebird4000: 10 points 

6. 10 points - has your IP number changed?

Average: 218.75

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