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  • Dalek-James

    Hi, everyone!

    This is a One-Off Question Of The Day because I found a question that I thought would make a good Question Of The Day.

    A prince is sent to jail and locked up in a tower. The guard takes pity on his and gives him a chance to escape being hanged

    The guard gives the prince two boxes. One contains 50 blue marbes and the other contains 50 red marbles. He will wear a blindfold and pick a marble out. If it is blue, he'll help the prince escape. If it is red, the prince will be hanged. The guard tells the prince that he can rearrange the marbles any way he likes, but he has to use all the marbles.

    After a night of rearranging the marbles, he manages to increase his chances of surviving to almost 75%. How did he do it?

    1. Blueeighthnote: 138…

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  • Dalek-James

    New design

    July 30, 2015 by Dalek-James

    I've noticed a new design for the number image on some pages, using white numbers with a black background in a different font.

    Could anyone still using the wiki please say which they prefer, as consistency would look good.

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  • Dalek-James

    Hi everyone.

    I was very disturbed by the message on 3primetime3's profile and I felt I had to take action.

    We need this wiki to come back to life. It's a good wiki and prime numbers are interesting.

    If anyone has any ideas to bring people back to the wiki, please comment.


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  • Dalek-James

    Like irrational numbers?

    Click this link to go to Irrational Numbers Wiki

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